[The Audiofiles] Party With a Purpose as Daybreaker Teams Up With Generation Philanthropy


unnamed-1What started out as a dream and a whisper, has catapulted into an international dance craze that’s waking and shaking conscious party people from San Francisco to Los Angeles and New York City to London. Daybreaker is the perfect way to rise and grind, featuring a menagerie of music, performance art, yoga and pure, unabashed dancing with peers from across your city. Instead of shots of tequila, they’re taking shots of wheatgrass and forging real connections with the young professional circuit within the dance music community. Everyone in the room has some pep in their step, a smile on their face – and real world responsibilities for the day; we’re not going to an after party after this, we’re going to work!

The recent bout of earthquakes that are wreaking havoc across Nepal are both unfortunate and terrible. In the past few weeks, 7.5 and 7.4 quakes have devastated the area – the good news is that you can help! The Daybreaker Team has joined forces with Generation Philanthropy to party with a purpose – and since we’re taking this one to the Pacific Ocean, you might be partying with some porpoises as well!

Next Tuesday morning, get your groove thing down to Marina Del Rey to ride the Hornblower as DJ Eric Sharp gets your body moving. Proceeds from each ticket sold will go directly to Nepal’s Communities as they try to recover from the recent tragedy.

“Boarding begins at 6 am, cast-off at 6:30 am SHARP. Everyday is an adventure and for this particular one, we will dance across the high seas with some of the best people around. As always there will be enough snacks and beverages to start your day off right. So dust off those dancing shoes and join us for a morning that will surely be one for the books. “


When // Tuesday, May 19th 6.00am – 8.30am
Where // Hornblower Cruise — 13755 Fiji Way, Marina Del Ray, CA 90292
With // DJ Eric Sharp, Amazing live musicians and surprise performance artists with complimentary breakfast treats and drinks

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Purchase tickets here and make sure you stay up to date with Daybreaker through their socials, they might be coming to a city near you!

Can’t make it to the party? You can help anyways – head to the Red Cross’s site right here

Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Soundcloud

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[Self Discovery] Seven Paths to Successful Stress Relief


“If you are depressed you are living in the past.
If you are anxious you are living in the future.
If you are at peace you are living in the present.”
Lao Tzu
Some days, I feel calm and collected – almost like I rolled into the right side of the world, where stop lights shift in synchronicity while birds chirp in time.  Other days, which as of late have been more and more frequent, I seem to wake up wired for awkwardness at every turn. A misstep here, can’t find my flip flops there, where did I ever misplace my keys – laptop – headphones – charger – brain, how did I end up on this side of town.  Let’s be honest, those last few can become a never-ending, choose your misadventure tale where I invariably end up with a good story but never a dull moment.  But, isn’t that the point of life: to smell roses on walkways that you’d never intended to be on.

My step-mom always said ‘Everything in it’s place and a place for everything’ – but I don’t think she was speaking to my mental faculties.  You know those friends that keep a ridiculous amount of tabs open on their web browser?  That’s basically what the inside of my brain feels like on the daily.  Lists for this, that and the other thing; and potentially even a list of lists I need to make which is usually followed by a general onslaught of compounded, potentially circular, curiosities.

It might not frequent you as often as it frequents me, but stress has invariably become a part of my everyday routine. I’ll be the first to admit that most of it is self sustained, which walks that thin line between stress and anxiety.  Whether it’s stress that I’m underperforming at work, or not pulling my weight in a friendship, the fear of fumbling at the most basic of tasks, not spending time with the right people and not focusing on the right passions and pursuits – let me tell you, my mind flips on it’s head nearly a thousand times a day.

Just because stress exists in the periphery of your life (and trust me, it will!), there’s no need to internalize it!  Often referred to as the ‘silent killer‘, people who mismanage their stress levels can suffer from crippling complications that go far beyond social scenarios. Stomach problems like ulcers, illness, raised blood pressure, cluster headaches, insomnia and depression are all indicators that your cortisol levels are through the roof. Sometimes you’re the bug, and sometimes you’re the windshield – but I want you to be the 409 that cleans up the mess and makes it crystal clear for the driver; namely: you. So, when life gives you lemons, find a friend with vodka and have a drink.  And then read these surefire stress tips, set to calm your nerves and soothe your shaken and stirred soul.


I didn’t fully grasp the power of meditation until I ventured out to Arkansas for a work trip a few years ago.  Yes, you heard me right – I was in Arkansas, but not voluntarily.  If you’re wondering what’s out there, not a whole hell of a lot besides Wal Mart headquarters in Bentonville and the Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art.  I’ll let you guess which one I was forced to go to and which one I volunteered to see; but the end result is I saw my first Warhol and Rockwell paintings in person, and for a week straight I was deadpan sober.  Now, let me say that there’s nothing wrong with being sober – but I was in the mood for a head change, and meditation offered just that at a fraction of the cost of a hotel bar drink. And to boot, the change lasts longer and is by and large much more beneficial to your health.  Through meditation, the rest of the world melts away while you’re left in the purity of the moment, the chaos around you clamoring while your mind stays at ease.

For meditation newbies, every few months, Depak Chopra offers a new, 21 day free meditation course through his website, focusing on a core emotional tenant – love, career, family, relationships, etc.  Delicately, you’re guided down a pleasant path towards relaxing your mind and focusing on your intentions.  Sure, you don’t need someone to tell you breathe in and out while focusing on your heart beat in an unstated but wholly felt rhythm – but it definitely helps.  Soon enough, you’ll find you can tune out the world on your own as you slip into sweet, meditative bliss.


There’s a saying around my house – If you’re having a bad day, grab a cat! – but this goes far beyond your preference for feline friends and K-9 companions.  Cats and dogs have a proven ability to boost the immune system by lower blood pressure, heart rate and cortisol level. Cortisol is a hormone your body excretes when it is in duress.  Meaning, lower cortisol levels lead to lower stress levels and all around better vibes – increasing your general happiness and sense of well being.

The idea of caring for another creature curates an instinctual sense of altruism. If you’re looking to get active, having a dog in your life will get you outside for daily walks and into dog parks where you can meet like-minded individuals – and potentially even snag a date! Cats, while not being as inherently social, have a novel scientific affect on the human body – the cat’s purr resonates with a natural healing vibration. Cat’s purr at a range of 27 Hz to 50 Hz; the Root Chakra is effected by vibrations between 20 and 60 Hz while a vibration at 25 Hz stimulates the growth of mitochondria.  a vibration at 32 Hz is pleasant on the nervous system while a vibration at 45 Hz has been proven to regenerate bone growth!


For anyone who grew up in the 90’s, you have to remember this scene from Legally Blonde.  And let’s hand it to the gal, Reese has an excellent point – Exercise does give you a boost of endorphins. One thing that’s tried and true: these neurotransmitters are proven to elevate your mood while they kick stress to the curb by simulating the effect of an opiate like morphine or codine.  Good news for you – you can get high on your own supply; literally!

Go for a jog, get out and shake your groove thing at the club, meet up with some friends and get your yoga on in the park.  Take a walk around the neighborhood and fully immerse yourself within your community.  Websites like Meetup.com are amazing for curating small groups of like minded individuals.

Retail Therapy

You might be sitting here saying ‘…but money can’t buy me happiness…’ – but it can buy you a new pair of shoes, that shiny new gadget you’ve been eyeing or a stellar new hair-do.  Truth be told, when I’ve felt down and out – a few minutes of online shopping while ruffling through my favorite stores on ETSY seems to absolutely do the trick of turning my frown upside down.  Now, everything in moderation (..including moderation): you don’t need to go bonkers and buy the whole store or get an incredible luxury item that doesn’t fit your lifestyle.  But a lovely trinket here and there to remind yourself that you’re lovely and loved surely can’t hurt!

Comfort Food

How many times have you heard the phrase “Food is the way to my heart…” – but did you know how much validity it held? The simple fact of the matter is that over 90% of your body’s serotonin receptors sit in your digestive tract.  When you’re stressed, you just don’t eat as well – and being malnourished plays a huge factor in mood!  The next time you feel like you’re not eating your feelings, just remember that a few bites of excellent food might be all you need to go from a zero to a hero.

Expand Your Horizons

You don’t need to paint or make music to be considered creative, crafty or artsy; it’s 2015 and there are hundreds of ways that you can purge your inner emotions and use them as a creative catalyst for something greater.  Head on down to Michael’s, JoAnne Fabrics or your local Arts and Crafts haunt and roam the aisles in search of your new muse.  There’s an infinite amount of endeavors to try your hands at – from making jewelry and candles, to wood work or planting your own herb garden.  The best part for at the end of the day you’ve created a unique and share-able masterpiece that’s all yours!  Now, that’s something worth getting excited about

Last, but certainly not least – just reach out and touch someone!

Hugs are my favorite form of currency, because by giving one – you’re automatically giving one!  A perfect 1:1 ratio if you ask me.  By in large, human contact is one of the best ways to irradiate the blues – whether it’s a friend that you’re comfortable sitting in silence and doing nothing with, or your crew’s Chatty Cathy, chances are the simple effect of another sympathetic ear will help boost you back into happiness.  And the hug?  Well, as it turns out a good 20 second hugs reduce the amount of cortisol in your system by feeding your body oxytocin – commonly referred to as the ‘cuddle’ hormone – and stimulating your brain to reduce dopamine, known as the ‘pleasure hormone’.

What’s your favorite way to kick the stress of everyday life? 

Let me know in the comments below!

[The Audiofiles] /ˈlo͞osid/ Puts a Delirious Spin on Galantis’ ‘Gold Dust’



The already ephemeral ‘Gold Dust’ from EDM power duo Galantis has been receiving the remix treatment across the board. Once again, Linus Eklöw – better known to fans as Style of Eye – and Christian Karlsson of Miike Snow fame have crafted an effervescent mix of feel good, four to the floor rhythm with hauntingly beautiful vocals. Artists ranging from Hook N Sling and CRNKN with Hotel Garuda have had their way with the Original mix, and now, it’s time for /ˈlo͞osid/ to mix in his magic.

An enigmatic producer who elegantly juxtaposes multiple genres within just one song, /ˈlo͞osid/ has forged his way onto the dance music circuit with an impressive catalog of remixes and original tracks. From John Mayer’s ‘Falling’ to Evanescene’s ‘Going Under’, I’ve been both catapulted back to childhood and ahead into the future of bass music while ‘Chaos’ and ‘Dim the Lights’ still hail as two of my favorite original productions from 2015.Now, with his latest remix of ‘Gold Dust’, he’s both raised the BPM and my interest; weaving bass heavy synths into crunchy melodies, unpredictable and euphoric breakdowns.

Mark my words, this is an artist to keep on your radar. For more on /ˈlo͞osid/, keep track of his socials –

Website | Facebook | Twitter | Soundcloud

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[Self Discovery] Life Lessons From My Cats

[Self Discovery] Life Lessons From My Cats

Before you know what kindness really is, you must lose things;
feel the future dissolve in a moment like salt in a weakened broth.

Naomi Shihab Nye

There’s beauty in my breakdown. The past few weeks have been a lesson, an equal lesson in patience, love and loss.   Over the last few days I’ve thrown myself into fits of frustration and I’ve made myself laugh within the same moment, in an instant memory recall of the last eight years with Sake. What’s been the most important to understand is that my deep love, in turn – my deep sadness, is a selfish, albeit human, emotion because I couldn’t have him here to watch over me.  Our best memories were every day memories, morning kisses and pouncing on my head, late night cuddle sessions and secret treats. Sake brought friendship and love into my life in the best ways, always curling up in the most deserving of laps with a gregarious smile fixed to his furry face.

I remember one night back in 2008, I’d just gotten back from an all night party in Santa Barbara and was trying to pass out – albeit at 2pm.  Sake strutted into the room like he owned the place and perched next to me.  Slowly, as I watched him – a small figure floated above his head, a little pudgy with an orange glow and solemn stare, legs and arms crossed while it gazed into infinity.  From that moment on, I considered Sake my little Buddha kitty and realized that as much as I was Sake’s owner, he was perpetually my teacher. So, I’d like to bestow a few life lessons that I’ve proudly learned from my little man.  May his legacy live on.

When in doubt, take a nap.

Be comfortable

There is always more time for cuddling

If you can play with it, it’s a toy


Make an entrance

If you can sleep on it, it’s a bed


Life is more fun with friends


Stop and smell the flowers

Morning kisses are the best

Hug more

Give yourself a break

Look cute, people are watching

When you’re happy, announce it to the world. 

There are two means of refuge from the misery of life — music and cats.

[Albert Schweitzer]


Saying Goodbye to Sake


 Over the past few weeks, my heart has been slowly breaking. It’s been trying, difficult and frustrating to wrap my fingers around the idea that a piece of my life is missing; there’s a definitive void – not just within me, but surrounding me. Words have failed me, and at every turn I feel like I’m going to crumble to the ground, overcome by emotion and struck by reality.

Back in college, I was going through a transitionary period. Becoming a fifth year senior isn’t usually commendable but at an institution like UCSB – it also wasn’t uncommon. It was the Summer of 2007 and I had just moved out of Isla Vista to the Mesa – a wonderful area near downtown Santa Barbara, surrounded by a stunning almost 360 view of the Pacific Ocean. My best friend at the time, a wonderful, warmhearted gal with an affinity for furry friends, moved in with me and between the five housemates we had two cats – Ssleman, a beautiful grey and white cat with a warm heart and a little black kitty that hid every chance it could; and then there was Roxy, a Golden Retriever / Yellow Lab puppy with more energy than I’d ever seen. After living there for a few months and going through a few mental moments of manifest destiny, I decided it was time – time for me to get a cat. I needed something to love beyond myself, to remind me that I was worthy of love; I needed to care about something to remind myself of the circular motion of life.

Arriving at the shelter, I gallivanted into the cat room and immediately felt at home. Throughout middle school and high school, I’d volunteered at cat shelters and there’s nothing like some kitty cuddles to brighten your mood and cultivate altruism. I glanced at an 8 month old Siamese that I immediately wanted to bring home, and a litter of orange tabby kittens not more than 2 weeks old. After getting to know me a bit, the young man working this room had a visceral lightbulb moment…“There’s a cat over here that I think will be perfect for you; he’s a little trickster and a lover.”  As we walked over to the carrier, a beautiful blue-grey cat sat poised in the back of the cage. “No…” I mused “…what about the playful girl next to him?” The man smiled back “Why don’t you guys go into the play room, and if it’s not a good fit we can keep looking.”

As Maguro was plucked from his perching position and was handed to me, his front paws reached out around my neck and he looked at me like I was home.  From the moment we were in the play area, he flopped and stretched ten ways to Sunday, purring, prancing and pawing at me. Looking up with a glimmer of gratitude in my eyes, I laughed “Ok, you guys got me…I’ll take him!”

As it turned out, I couldn’t bring him home immediately – upper respiratory infections are incredibly common in shelter cats and he’d just come down with one. Instead of bringing him home, I played with his sister – Saba – and it felt like she knew I was taking her brother away. I whispered that I would take good care of him and she purred in response.

Eight years later, I can say that without a doubt – he’s actually taken care of me.  From Santa Barbara to now four different homes in Los Angeles, Sake has been my confidant, my best friend, my furry little man and the light of my life. He’s gotten me through heartbreak and deaths, losing friends and losing my mind. 


My little Sake bomb. Sir Saks a Lot. He was the most playful, loving creature I’ve ever known. He would wake me up by pouncing on my chest and announcing his hunger with a miniature roar, he would zoom around the apartment with gusto and cuddle-hug you like he was a person. Sake converted friends that had sworn they were solely dog people, and made cat lovers rejoice. He was the best thing that has happened to me in my 30 years of existence. And now, he’s gone.

We only noticed the symptoms a few weeks ago and it wrenches my soul to think if we could’ve saved him. The last two weekends were full of friends that I consider family, doting their love and happiness on him and he loved back in kind – curling up and lapping up attention like it was his job. But in the back of my mind, I was scared, sad and confused. It felt like just yesterday, he was running around in the Santa Barbara sunshine, lounging in the flowers and running to my car from down the street whenever I returned from campus. And now, I was feeding him by hand, cradling him like he was my child, wishing for a better tomorrow. But that better tomorrow never came.

Yesterday, Sake lost his battle against lymphoma. The last thing he ever did in his life was jump into my arms, almost in parallel to the way he came in. We held his paws, wiped his eyes and sang with him until his final curtain call. I’ve never been so conflicted and overrun with emotion; I don’t know if I’ve even ever been this uncontrollably sad. I miss my dapper little man but I know he’s in a better place, cathartically chasing mice and lapping up love in the great beyond.

Because of Sake, I know what it means to love, to care, to be a friend and just listen; I know the true meaning of life, to love and be loved. When you get home tonight, hug your pets…hug your loved ones, life is too short to be anything but blissful. RIP Sake, I only hope that I can have half the effect on the world that you did.


[The Audiofiles] “Rise” and Shine with Lane 8’s Debut Album, Out 7/17!




Hot off the Festival Circuit with an amazing set at The Do LaB’s stage at Coachella, the ever fantastic Lane 8 is at it again – this time presenting his debut album “Rise”. Releasing on the Anjunadeep imprint of Anjunabeats, “Rise” will fall into our little paws on July 17th. The 10 track musical adventure fuses ethereal melodies with deep seeded emotions and effervescently lifting moments. From the Hypem #1 charts to expertly crafted remixes from EDM giants like Above & Beyond and Eric Prydz, all true music lovers should stop, drop and snag this beautiful album. From impeccable instrumentation, down to the vocal prowess of Solomon Grey, Matthew Dear and Patrick Barker, “Rise” celebrates the entire breadth of dance music in it’s most beautiful form.

Track Listing

1. Loving You
2. Diamonds feat. Solomon Grey
3. Klara
4. Ghost feat. Patrick Baker
5. Cosi
6. Hot As You Want feat. Solomon Grey
7. Undercover feat. Matthew Dear
8. Sunlight
9. The Great Divide feat. Ara Scott
10. Rise
11. Diamonds feat. Solomon Grey (Live Version)

The first single, “Ghost (feat. Patrick Baker),” is another classic Lane 8 vocal moment in the vein of past hits “The One” and “Nothing You Can Say.” “Ghost” will be available as an instant download alongside the Rise pre-order via iTunes. Starting next month, Lane 8 will be out and about touring the world, with festival season stops at Spring Awakening, Bestival, What The Festival, Global Dance Festival, Northern Nights Music Festival, Ilesoniq and more. A forthcoming world headline tour will be announced in the coming weeks.

Tour Dates
Sat. May 16 – Helsinki, FI @ LE BONK
Fri. June 12-Sat. June 13 – Toronto, ON @ Bestival
Fri. June 12-Sun. June 14 – Chicago, IL @ Spring Awakening 2015
Fri. June 19-Sun. June 21 – Dufur, OR @ What The Festival
Sun. June 28 – Novalja, HR @ Hideout Festival 2015
Fri. July 17-Sun. July 19 – Morrison, CO @ Global Dance Festival
Fri. July 17-Sun. July 19 – Piercy, CA @ Northern Nights Music Festival
Fri. Aug. 14-Sat. Aug. 15 – Montreal, QC @ Ilesoniq FestivalStay in touch with Lane 8 through his socials:

Website | Facebook | Twitter | Soundcloud

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[The Audiofiles] Blast off on an Interstellar Adventure with Michal Menert’s “Space Jazz”


space jazz

After witnessing the Michal Menert Trio Live this past February at Arizona’s fabled Gem and Jam Festival, I’ve been eagerly awaiting “Space Jazz” so I’m personally pleased to announce that Menert’s latest album is finally here! With a background firmly rooted in both hip-hop and soul, Michal Menert continually pushes the boundaries of modern artistry to create conscious music that you can groove to. Released on 4/21, the 15 track LP fuses the passionate pursuit of musical creation with cross genre collaboration with a menagerie of talented artists like Marcelo Moxy, JK Soul, C1 and Paul Basic – the other half of the duo Half Color with Menert.

“I wanted to make an album that you can lose yourself in, with subtle details throughout and a narrative dictated by feelings so that the listener is taken on a journey guided by the vibes from one track to the next. The end result is one of my proudest offerings, and the most cohesive work I’ve every released.” – Michal Menert

You can stream the whole album now on Soundcloud, or head to the following sources to purchase the album:

Bandcamp | iTunes photo f1c0704d-53dd-4b2e-b7b0-17c6fccf3c5b_zpsggxyblzp.jpg

Stay up to date with Michal Menert through his socials –

Website | Facebook | Soundcloud | Twitter

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